"Deb Hall has the rare gift of honoring writers' voices in such a way that they sound like the best versions of themselves. Over and over during the editing process, as I read Deb’s notes, I’d think, 'Yes, that is what I was trying to say; only now it makes more sense!' More than an editor, I found Deb to be an advocate for my book and the potential good it can do in the world. This too is a rare gift. To Deb, I wasn’t just a job; I was an investment of her talent and time. I look forward to working with Deb on future endeavors.” (A.Y., 2015)

"Deb Hall is the quintessence of editing. She took my very rough manuscript and turned it into something to be proud of. Her editing skill is unmatched, at least in this man’s world. She was very up-front and easy to work with throughout the entire process of my novel. I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasurable experience. I highly recommend Deb Hall for any of your editing needs." (J.D., 2015)

"As a first-time novelist, I respect and appreciate Deb's thorough, articulate, creative, and well-researched edits. She goes way beyond basic grammatical editing; her insights on storyline content are invaluable as well. I highly recommend Deb to those interested in improving and refining their own fictional works." (L.M., 2015)

"Deb Hall was wonderful to work with! Her vast experience, love of writing, and integrity were apparent with every communication. I found Deb as I was ready to do the final edits on my dissertation. She clearly knew the APA 6th edition formatting, and her suggestions for revisions were in agreement with my university Form and Style editors. She responded quickly with suggestions for improvement and was available when I had questions. We worked together keeping my writing concise and professional. I would recommend Deb to anyone working on a dissertation and will not hesitate to use her for future writing assistance." (N.J-D., PhD, 2014)

"I have used Deb Hall for the final editing of many projects and am very pleased with her work. She is sensitive to the heart behind the work as well as the work itself.

Deb has assisted me with a book proposal, contributions to e-books, and a handbook that will be self-published. Without Deb I would not have the confidence to entertain self-publishing, but now I do. She is an exceptional editor for technical and non-fiction work.

When I was looking for an editor, I was blessed to have been introduced to Deb Hall. I have no regrets." (C.Z., 2014)

"Can't thank you enough for helping to make my dissertation an edit-free success." (V.P., PhD, 2014)

"Deb Hall, with her editing, helped me find my voice. Her talent is invaluable to my growth as a writer for both my professional life as an educator and in my personal writing. " (D.D., 2014)