I'm Deb Hall: (among many other things) a former English teacher; originally from sunny California; resident of beautiful Colorado; busy mom to two active kiddos. I'm thankful God created language because I truly love words and writing, helping others develop their language skills, and the creativity that these things allow.

My background consists of bachelor's and master's degrees in English, fifteen years teaching English and composition, both at the college and high school level, including the Advanced Placement: Language course, and scoring AP: Language essays. As part of my college-level instructing experience, I also taught online classes and tutored writing, both face-to-face and online.

Since 2014 I have been helping writers and editing manuscripts of varying genres. Two of my clients have had success in self-publishing their books: J.D. Dudycha with his novels Paint the Black (2014) and Sitting Dead Red and Amy Young with her nonfiction book Looming Transitions: Starting and finishing well in cross-cultural service (2015). 

I have also edited multiple other fiction and nonfiction manuscripts; proofread dissertations for PhD candidates; field-tested two manuscripts and done minor editing of materials for a local nonfiction author and speaker; proofread and edited a nonfiction book proposal in preparation for presentation to publishers/agents at a national writers' conference; edited content and gave suggestions for a nonprofit website; edited several pieces for writing collections (as well as blog posts and other miscellaneous writings) by members of a local writers' group called Writers on the Rock. I also presented twice about self-editing at the 1st and 2nd annual Writers on the Rock writers' conferences in Lakewood, Colorado (2015 and 2016).

In addition to these editing endeavors, I have tutored multiple students in writing via Skype. Being able to help students, even states away, to develop their writing--whether in a class assignment or on a college application essay--has been very rewarding.

My passion and intent is to help writers at all levels in creating their best work.