Do you have a middle school, high school, or college student who could use help elevating or enhancing his or her writing skills? Is your high school senior getting ready to write a college application essay? Maybe your child needs an extra pair of eyes to look over essay drafts and provide helpful tutoring feedback that will transfer to other writing assignments.

I would be truly happy to help. I'm currently taking new students. I can tutor writing assignments and essay drafts online via email as well as help with any or all stages of the writing process either in-person or via Skype.


Online/Email or Skype tutoring = $25/hour

In-person tutoring = $35/hour

For more information or to schedule a tutoring session or send me an essay draft for tutoring, contact me at

Online/Email Tutoring Guidelines:
* Assignments emailed for tutoring will be returned within 48 hours, unless otherwise indicated (so be sure to plan well in advance of class deadlines).
* Essays and other writing assignments should be sent as Microsoft Word documents.
* I will use the Track Changes and Comments features in MS Word to point out error patterns, unclear wording, problematic organization, and other concerns as well as to explain how recurring errors should be fixed in order to fix them later in the text. When applicable, I will also provide links to useful online writing resources.

Online/Skype Tutoring Guidelines:
* Skype sessions will be scheduled in advance via email.
* Students must have access to two devices during Skype sessions: one for the video conference and another to work on the assignment.
* For a given session, it may be necessary to email me a rough draft prior to the Skype session (depending on the stage of the writing process student is in).

In-person Tutoring Guidelines:
* In-person sessions will be scheduled in advance via email.
* Sessions will be held either in student's home or a separate, agreed-upon public location, such as a coffee shop or library.
* A parent must always be present during sessions in student's home.